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Thurne Restricted Cruiser Class   ( 11 boats listed )

Class Captain: Linda Aspland


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Boat List

Name Owner

 T 1
Thyra   Paul Timewell    
 T 2
Gentle Breeze   Lambert family    
 T 3
Cowslip   Liz and Geoff Phillips    
 T 4
Green Forester   Graham and Angela Scott    
 T 5
Dipper   Neil Hopkinson    
 T 6
Iolanthe   Aylott family    
 T 7
Billy Bluelight   Howard Lawrence    
 T 8
Reed Drifter   Linda Aspland    
 T 9
Laveroc   John Hird and Gina Alpe    
 T10 (RCC 353)
Bertram   David Ling    
Gentilly   Bob and Jenny Payne