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  • The times shown here (as in all tide tables) are averages for guidance only and are affected by sea, wind & rainfall variations. No responsibility can be taken for consequences arising from such variations.
  • Low water times only are shown as the most relevant for Broads navigation (for maximum bridge clearances.)
    For approximate HW times, add 5¼ hours.
  • Yarmouth Passage Time is calculated as 1 hour after low water at Yarmouth Yacht Station. There is still an ebb current until the rising flood tide overcomes the natural river flow. The bridge clearance is close to maximum and you travel down river to Yarmouth with the ebb and then up river with the flood (in either direction).
  • Tide times have been derived using standard Broads deviations applied to computer calculations for low water at Gorleston Bar.
  • Moonphase and sunrise/sunset were calculated using astronomical formulae.